Monday, March 18, 2013

Land Ahoy!

We're back on land!!!!

So this was a rather momentous sailing trip for me
in that in the week it took to do it i didnt vomit once.

This is mainly because of the awesome spanish
sea sick pills that i took which pretty much knocked me out and put me to sleep for the whole journey.
Don't judge my addictions....

We've landed in Majorca
and have spent the weekend just wandering the streets getting a feel for
our new city.

being in a city again is kind of different after
basically living in a Marina with one street of restaurants
and two hotels for the last couple of months.

Tonight we had five guest just drop into
the boat to say hello.
Its kind of nice not to just see the same people every day...
all day


Although to be fair,
with my husband around i could do without it...

Give me a cabin in the woods
or a boat on the ocean...
but give me my husband to go with it and i'll
do just fine. 

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