Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Ballets....

I dislike the Nutcracker.
There i said it.
Okay, to be fair not all Nutcrackers, but the bog-standard traditional version,
yes i dislike it.
It's a tired old ballet that in most companies is
run over the edge with endless repeats and no recent inspiration.

I did liked the version that i did with my previous company,
it had a fresh sparkle to it, mainly because the choreographer had opened
up the music to new ideas (we mixed the story with a christmas carol)

but now i'm back to doing a traditional Nutcracker,
and its not that its a bad show, its just that having seen
a version of the nutcracker like this every year
since i was born, i doesn't excite me.
And yet i'm sure it going to make many a little girl out there happy.

If i could go see a ballet this Christmas it would be this one,
Edward Scissorhands the Ballet

doesnt that look fresh and exciting.
i've seen works by this choreographer before and he is a master story teller.

but it isnt playing anywhere in the world at the moment....

so i guess i'll just to stick to The Nutcracker
besides hearing the music reminds me that its Christmas
and thats never a bad thing.

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